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Our Story
Our 16-year-old son, Joshua died from a heroin overdose. We had no chance to help our son, but we have the chance to help you.
On April 29th, 2012 our 16-year-old son, Joshua, died from a heroin overdose. We did not know he was using this drug or any drugs. We had no chance to help our son. There were no rehab admissions. No therapy. No long nights wondering if he was ok. He used for a short period of time and he died. Josh was a regular kid. He had lots of friends. He loved to laugh and joke around. His smile could light up a room. He was just one of those people you wanted to be around. Why did he experiment with drugs? We don’t know.
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What is the Good Samaritan law?

You can SAVE A LIFE without risking prosecution for possession of drugs.

It’s now the law in Illinois.

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