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Naloxone has been used for years in the hospital and by emergency medical personnel to reverse opiate overdoses.

Naloxone acts by pushing opiates off of opiate receptors. It has no other effect than that it does not get you high, in fact it does the opposite since it pushes the opiates away. Opiate receptors in the brain control breathing and when an overdose occurs breathing stops when naloxone is given it pushes opiates off the receptors that control breathing and the person begins breathing again on their own.

Naloxone only works for opiate overdose but it will not hurt if it is given to someone who is suffering from a different type of overdose. It just wont help. Laws have been passed in Illinois and several other states which allow providers to distribute naloxone to friends and family members of those at risk of overdose as well as to the opiate user without fear of medical liability. There are currently people working tirelessly throughout the country to get these laws passed in every state.
Naloxone Distribution Program

Dr. Tamara Olt is the prescribing physician on behalf of the JOLT Foundation.

Training and distribution of naloxone is provided free of charge in a private and confidential setting at Dr. Olt’s Peoria Women’s Health practice.

MEN & WOMEN WELCOME! Overdose prevention services are available to all current and past opiate users as well as their family and friends.

Harm Reduction Services

Free and sterile syringe access, syringe disposal, safe drug-using supplies, safe-sex supplies, hygiene products, treatment referrals, and harm reduction counseling.

HIV/Hep C Testing

Free, rapid results testing for HIV and Hepatitis C. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea urine samples are sent to the state lab for results.
Medication-Assisted Treatment (M.A.T.)

Dr. Tamara Olt is the prescribing physician on behalf of the JOLT Foundation.

Suboxone is a medication used to aid an individual experiencing withdrawal from opioid use disorder, as well as a maintenance medication to support long-term opioid use recovery.

This is a low-barrier access program. We try to get everyone seen within 48 hours of initial contact. This medication is supported by Medicaid.

Outreach Services

Outreach is the primary means by which we connect with our participants. Jolt currently offers outreach support to three primary groups of participants; people who use drugs, people involved in sex work, and people experiencing homelessness.

Our focus is to reduce the potential harms on individuals as well as our community.

Dr. Tamara Olt is the prescribing physician on behalf of the JOLT Foundation.

PrEP/PeP is an effective HIV prevention medication. We prescribe this medication to anyone who identifies as being at risk for HIV, without judgment.

Community Education Public Speaking

We believe we have a responsibility to the general public to provide evidence-based information on the complex issues Jolt strives to address. There is a great deal of misinformation about harm reduction, drug use, sex work, and homelessness.

Our trainers and speakers currently provide academic support and education to local universities, nursing and social work programs, community-based organizations, and city programs that address social determinants of health.


The War on Drugs is an abject failure. We have spent trillions of dollars on this effect and instead have decimated communities, specifically communities where BIPOC live.

We are committed to the work of racial justice and equity, as well as equity and support for the LGBTQIA+ community.
Community Health Navigation


COVID-19 has impacted communities across the globe. Knowing how to navigate the complex systems of healthcare, employment, childcare, while living in a food desert is already challenging to those living in abandoned communities.

Our Community Health Navigators are peers from the neighborhood who are embedded in their local communities to provide support to neighbors impacted by COVID-19.

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